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Concerned BYD "cloud track" project began trying to "go north" into the China Minmetals near the China Metallurgical Group announced that it will establish a joint venture with the joint into the rail market.

November 6, China Metallurgical Group official website issued a document, said the General Manager of China Minmetals Corporation, China Metallurgical Group Chairman, Party Secretary Guo Wenqing and BYD chairman and president Wang Chuanfu held talks, the two sides to deepen the nickel, cobalt, copper and other non-ferrous metals business Cooperation, joint investment in construction, operation and management of rail transportation in the field of new industries "cloud track" project reached a consensus.

China Qing proposed that the two sides will make full use of China Metallurgical capital strength and resource control as well as the technical superiority of BYD cloud rail trains to set up joint ventures, trying to Beijing and Tianjin and Shenzhen to take the lead in making model demonstration projects.

In the face of various plans of the Metallurgical Group, BYD is relatively low-key, there is no announcement on this issue. Its public relations department to the "Daily Economic News" reporter confirmed that the two sides are in contact, and said "the specific details are still talking about.

Will establish a joint venture as soon as possible

China Metallurgical Group on the scale of one trillion yuan urban rail market rather "ambition."

In the meeting, the BYD "Cloud Track" project and the MCC Group's advantages in infrastructure construction will be very suitable. He said that China Metallurgical Group hopes to establish strategic cooperation with BYD to discuss the cooperation mode.

For the clear view of the Chinese, Wang Chuanfu feel the same. At the meeting, he proposed that the new China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group, as a central enterprise with funds, brands and engineering technology, professionals and other powerful comprehensive advantages, BYD is willing to strengthen its battery materials, infrastructure construction and other areas of close cooperation , The two sides will establish strategic cooperative relations, joint development of nickel, cobalt and copper and other non-ferrous metal resources, as soon as possible to promote the establishment of joint ventures, joint into the field of rail transportation.

For the MCC Group's logic, China Metallurgical stakeholders to the "Daily Economic News" told reporters that China Metallurgical infrastructure construction will be regarded as one of the main industry, and in the rail transportation, municipal infrastructure and other aspects of a breakthrough, Force city rail market is ripe, and BYD cooperation, more or value its technology. "We are building a dedicated rail transit business branch, is currently unable to confirm whether it is the same with the BYD joint venture."

BYD force urban rail is already planned. Soochow Securities Research reported that its 5 years ago began research and development "cloud track", a total investment of 5 billion yuan, with the investment is only 1/4 of the subway, the construction period is only subway 1/3 and other advantages, and no one Driving, energy feedback and other advanced technologies, will be extremely strong comprehensive strength for a trillion market (300 cities nationwide, with an average of 10 billion yuan for each city, about 3 trillion market potential), has a very huge development prospect. At present, BYD has more than 20 cities in the country reached a preliminary agreement, of which, Shantou City became the first contracted city, "cloud track" BYD has become the fourth largest business segment.

BYD in the recent investor survey records, said the company has set up rail transit business, I believe this business in the next few years will bring a new growth point to BYD.

Joint layout of Beijing and Tianjin

For the future development plan, the country stressed that the two sides will set up a joint venture, the rapid expansion of the market, the market, in Beijing and Tianjin and Shenzhen to take the lead in making model demonstration projects, the formation of brand effect, to promote the concept of cloud rail train is more abundant.

According to BYD's official website, it has been 60 km of the Shenzhen City project orders, and with the construction period is short, low cost and many other advantages, but also abroad such as Brazil, India, Indonesia and other countries widely popular.

For the "cloud orbit" force Beijing and Tianjin, the industry has a different view. An anonymous rail transit research experts to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, "cloud track" is essentially a straddle-type monorail, and cloud-rail advantages are similar to the light rail, and the latter carrying a larger . At the same time, in the straddle-type monorail, BYD is also facing the competition in the car, "technology needs to accumulate, I do not think" cloud track "relative to the car has a competitive advantage.

Huatai Securities in October research report shows that the current Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region does not build monorail plan. According to its preliminary planning of the domestic monorail train project, a total of 10 cities to build or plan monorail, the line length of more than 600 km, the estimated investment of over 90 billion yuan. One of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China's first full-scale rail network using straddle-type monorail new standard of the city, the first phase of its line 2 is about to start construction in 2019 plans to open to traffic.

Although there are questions in the industry, China Metallurgical Group on the "cloud track" support unabated. According to its official website, the two sides discussed in detail the relevant project cooperation model, the implementation of the project to promote the working group and the person in charge of the project and so on, the rapid realization of strong alliances, the exchange of advantages, integration, and promote specific projects as soon as possible landing.

The reporter also noted that China Metallurgical Group has now set up rail transport preparatory group, the official website shows that its head also participated in the above activities.


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